SB 505 is Law!

Senate Bill 505 has been signed by the governor!

An informational document is being prepared by our Legislative Committee that will help Recorders and our clients understand and assist with the changes that this law will bring to our offices, so stay tuned!

Recorders are encouraged to contact your respective software vendors (for recording software and electronic recording services) to assure that they are aware of these changes and ready to make the transition to the new fee structure on July 1st.

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SB 505 Passed!

Senate Bill 505 has been adopted! The bill was returned to the Senate on April 4 with minor amendments by the House, where it passed 95-0. A motion by the Senate to concur prevailed at 3:22 on a vote of… 39-9(My apologies

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, my video feed cut out at the exact moment that the voting was closed and announced.)

The bill now goes to the governor and, upon signature, will take effect on July 1st, 2017.

Congratulations to our Indiana Recorders and our Association’s Legislative Committee!