SBOA Session Time for 2018 Recorders Association Conference

I received this communication from our Association President, Stuart Dowden:

In discussions between our executive committee and State Board of Accounts (SBOA), it has been determined that SBOA does not need to use as much time at our annual conferences as they have in the past. They only need a short period of time on Tuesday afternoon to officially open the conference and then the entire morning on Thursday for their educational training. Since they will only be with us for parts of two of our three days, only two-thirds of the costs of attending the Indiana Recorders Association (IRA) conference may be paid out of your county’s “unappropriated” General Fund. The remaining one-third may be paid from the County Elected Officials Training Fund (CEOT)

, or the Recorder’s Perpetuation Fund (RPF) as needed. This fund-splitting applies only to Recorders, of course. The costs for deputies to attend cannot come from the CEOT Fund or the unappropriated General Fund, and must instead be paid from the RPF or another source. If you should have any questions about this, please don’t hesitate to contact any of our association’s officers.

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