About Us

The elective office of the County Recorder was one of the first offices created by the Constitution of the State of Indiana in 1816.

It is the primary duty of the County Recorder to review documents submitted for recording, making sure they meet statutory recording requirements, and maintain these documents in perpetuity.

The Indiana Recorders Association consists of all 92 Recorders in the state. The organization is very active in the passage of laws for the betterment of the office.

The Indiana Recorders Association was the first in the nation to obtain law and funding for the redaction of Social Security numbers from documents.

The Association meets as a group at the State Board of Accounts called meetings in April, the district meetings in the Summer, and the Association of Indiana Counties meetings in the Fall.

Recorders are always willing and able to lend a helping hand to fellow Recorders.

Indiana Recorders have been recording and maintaining their records for over 200 years.

Indiana Recorders are dedicated and devoted to maintaining and preserving the public records of their County!