Standard DBA Form

UPDATE: Because of some incorrect language on the DBA template previously published here, we have uploaded a new version. We have recently discovered we cannot use the language “subscribed and sworn” in a notary acknowledgment unless one is giving an oath. We have changed the recently revised DBA form to remove that language. If you have downloaded the version from before September 18th, 2019, from this page, please replace it with the new version, linked below.

The Recorders Association has prepared this standard DBA (or “firm and partnership”) form for use by all Indiana counties who choose to do so. The PDF version has fillable fields, so that it can be filled out on a computer and then printed out for signature and notarization. The form may be filled out online, or a copy may be downloaded and filled in using Acrobat Reader. For you old-schoolers, it can also be printed and completed by hand.

Although it is allowable for Recorders to acknowledge DBA forms in place of notarization, many Recorders have determined that they do not wish to have the responsibility of verifying identification and performing the acknowledgement. Therefore, only areas for notarization are provided on this version.

Note that it is not mandatory that this particular form be used. It is provided for your convenience.

Assumed Business Name (DBA) Form, with Notary (Fill-in PDF. Note: You’ll get best results using these fill-in PDFs if you open them in the Adobe Reader, rather than viewing in your browser. You can also download these files to your desktop and then open them from there, and/or place them on the public workstations for your customers.)

Amendment of DBA Form, with Notary (fill-in PDF)

Dissolution of DBA Form with Notary (fill-in PDF)