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Materials for the 2020 IRA Conference

2020 IRA Conference Registration Form

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2020 IRA Conference Agenda

Materials for the 2019 IRA Conference

Topic: E-Recording

Bob Grohol (eRecording Partners Network): e-Recording for Submitters

Joe DeLuca (Corporation Services Company): e-Recording – Getting Started

Big Scary Topic: Blockchain

Nick Fankhauser (Doxpop): Blockchain for Smarties

Kevin Cook (Computer Systems, Inc.): Blockchain – What does it mean for the Indiana Recorders Association?
Due to time constraints, Kevin was not able to deliver his full presentation. A report on the Illinois Blockchain Initiative‘s pilot project in Cook County can be found at this link.

Materials for the 2018 IRA Conference

2018 IRC Agenda

2018 – SBOA Agenda

2018 IRC Registration Form (Fillable PDF) 2018 IRC Registration Form (MS Word)

2018 IRC Vendor Registration Form (Fillable PDF) 2018 IRC Vendor Registration Form (MS Word)

BSU Bowen CenterCPM Brochure

2018 Legislative Report

Notarize Presentation (Demo Videos)

Food for Homeless

IDVA Presentation 2018

Best Practices – Indexing Names and Parties

Office Policies for Greene Co Recorder

Reasons for Rejecting Documents

Destruction of Records

What Is a Mechanics Lien

Internal Controls

The IRS and Tax Liens

Recording DBA Forms

Conference materials from SBOA can be found at this page on their website. (Scroll down and expand the “Meeting Materials” section.)

Presentations from the 2017 AIC Conference

These can be found on the AIC website here.

Presentations from the 2016 Newly-Elected Officers Training Conference

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Handouts from the 2016 Indiana Recorders Conference

Indiana County Recorder’s Association Presentation 2016

Handouts from the 2015 Indiana Recorders Conference

Recorders Agenda 2015
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Rogers_Bankrec 2015
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