Bulk User Templates

These templates are provided for Recorders who sell bulk copies of images and indexes to certain customers and need standard forms to use. These are meant to be customized for your County, and are provided in Word format (which can be edited as needed) and fillable PDF (if no editing is needed). Recorders are not required to use these particular templates and are free to work out their own agreements and ordinances with the consultation of their Commissioners and legal departments. However, it is encouraged that these be used so as to establish consistency and uniformity across the entire state.

Bulk User Agreement (Fillable PDF)Bulk User Agreement (MS Word) (new as of 7/12/18)

Watermark Ordinance (Fillable PDF), Watermark Ordinance (MS Word)

Bulk Form Copies Ordinance (IRA) 2018 (Fillabe PDF), Bulk Form Copies Ordinance (IRA) 2018 (MS Word)