Address Confidentiality Program

This handout explains the ACP program and it contains the forms that we are trying to get approved.  This is for Title 5 laws and requirements only.  This does not include Daniel’s law or Title 36 (GIS) laws.  Back in June 2023 a few of us were asked to join a taskforce by Ellen Fuller, from the Attorney General’s Office.  The Recorders that served are Mandy Thomason, Joyce Oles, Marcia Moore, Misty Coleman, Gina Pimentel, J.R. Ryder, Matt Norris (our lobbyist), Elizabeth Berg (Bar Association real-estate chair), and Ellen Fuller.  If you have questions please contact one of us.

For now, here are the best practices until we have a procedure in code:

      1. Index Party 1 & 2, Document Type, and Date only.
      2. Redact the entire document.
      3. Scan the ACP form and save in a file or thumb drive that only staff can access.
      4. For any Title Search forms, do the same as #3.